To live in others hearts is not to die

Manjula’s Mysore, our shared passion, will continue

Manjula has created a home to share, where people from around the world have visited and connected with others of like minded openness.

Her essence permeates the space and she’s left a piece, a mark with all of us.

We will honour her wishes, her work, and follow her pattern.

Manjula’s Mysore Bed and Breakfast will remain and change. We’ll build on what Manjula created and ensure it’s the same but different.

You can help

Come to visit and send your friends.

If you’d like to get more involved we also invite old and new friends come and help out. For a couple of weeks or longer come and help look after the place. In return for bed and breakfast help keep the place clean, welcome guests and maybe help create a new dimension to Manjula’s place.

There’s even been a few guests interested in setting up their own BnB so why not come give it a try and dip your toes in the water, just learn by doing.

I’ll be away over the next two months then reopen.

3 thoughts on “To live in others hearts is not to die

  1. Hi Steve
    Wow, I am so touched and honoured that you have used this Fante saying.
    As I explained since, I was tiny this something we always said, felt and believed. It has always been so very helpful to me and I so pleased to share it with you and yours.
    My father will be so delighted that it is being used and bringing comfort.
    Your Manjula sounds so very special, and is of course living on in so many hearts, even in those who haven’t met her this time, or yet.
    So looking forward to seeing you here Steve.

    All the very best


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