Philosophical thoughts

India stimulates all sorts of reflections like …. What’s the purpose of the line?

a boundary, a border, between in and out? Here and there? Normal and abnormal? The limen … an important guide, the threshold, between one world and another.

If India is anything to go by, it may have no use, other than helpfully creating ‘purposeful’ work.

I pity the poor guy — with his trusty leaf blower and a hanky round his mouth, — who momentarily shifts the dust from the road and into a cloud to probably help the paint stick,

On both our trips to England, Manjula was amazed and intrigued at how the traffic stayed within the lines that marked the lanes.


Our very local art college had an open day today.

We have great friends from here including Punith, Karan and a couple of the wonderful lecturers.

And to prove I’m Indian I just had to take a selfie.

Wedding part two

The morning after the reception.

Timings are followed exactly (9.00 to 9.30 am) unlike the night before when things hadn’t started almost two hours after the advertised time.

The knot is tied and I’ve poured milk, gently thrown rice and had tiffin.

Behind the scenes in the choultry or wedding hall is the sort of place where Manjula started working.

The bride’s proud father

Weddings, I’ve seen a few.

Thankfully it’s filling out and I recognise a couple of people, so correct day and place.

I’m in a new phase in addition to visiting places where I’ve already been with Manjula, like many of the central London attractions, I now find myself wishing she was with me in new situations.

Well she is !
Ripples of excitement as people are recognised and celebrated.

These are critical events in connecting community.

It’s getting late and nothings happened yet. I haven’t planned this properly and should have eaten. I might beat a hasty retreat.

I’ll be back in the morning.

Tomorrow Lakshmi and Sunil tie the knot. Today at reception, only soft drinks, it’s gifts and photos.

Summer arrives early in Mysore

For the first time in twelve years I’ve spent part of the winter in the U.K. yes it is different from the summer. 🤭

It’s quite a contrast from the cold wet misery alternating with the pure gray ness to be back in Mysore where yet again the Summer arrives early.

The tree outside our house has already lost it leaves and they’ve returned within the week. But that’s all happened at the end of January instead of March/April.

But the plants around the house are good and Manjula’s garden, less than a year since we planted it, in the park opposite, is looking wonderful with her granite benches standing guard.

It’s in the shape of a ‘m’ or om but you can’t see that without climbing a tree or using a drone.

Here’s a short video to show you more.


After I’d asked for a sign a messenger came to visit. Thank you Manjula.

Within a day or so the bullock’s head holding Manjula’s pennant fell off the wall and broke.

It probably wasn’t a sign just a clumsy Yindian, yes it was the idiot from Yorkshire that probably dislodged it.

Some time later I was introduced to Wabi Sabi by my friend Kamakshi

and my daughter-in-law Alice, son Ben and granddaughter Poppy gave me a present to fix things the Japanese way

I seem to be being pushed and prodded so I gave it a try,

ta ra ta ra

I can do imperfection (we’re good at that in Yorkshire too)

and now it’s fixed imperfectly