want a boy or a girl 2

Remember back in November I relayed Manjula’s discussion with friends about whether they would want a boy or a girl? Its here if you wish to check back.

It was triggered by the pregnancy of one of her friends.

Well, as I mentioned in the postscript, the pregnant woman’s husband subsequently died

Now we’ve just heard even more news of the suffering of this poor woman. Her mother has just died during a visit to her daughter whose baby is due this week. Manjula and her other friends have now gone to console her.

I’ll let you know how things develop but imagine what the poor woman must be going through.

the big birthday

thank you for all your kind wishes and I hope you all have a wonderful happiness filled year. It was my birthday and yes we did celebrate it on the 31st December (2016). I was 50, ten years ago and I have already been caught out telling someone I was 50 this time around but it isn’t the absolute truth I’m 50 + 10 Maybe I’m getting a little forgetful.img_1179Well the celebrations of this esteemed occasion began a year (2015) ago with a small party in Mysore as I reached the 60th year, then we celebrated with Manjula’s BIG trip to the UK in July (2016).

On the day itself, I was fortunate that two friends: Laura and Frances, who I met a couple of years ago at University came to visit on, New year’s Eve (2016). As you can see: No opportunity to celebrate has been or will be lost. It will continue in the next eleven months: camping and Ben’s weddingin July in the UK and a final recognition when my youngest Ol reaches 30 (in 2017) and we’re a pint and a half. Yes I don’t understand it either. and the dates in brackets? just so that the confusion doesn’t reign.


But I have now realised that the older one’s gets is similar to when one begins to understand more of India. We realise how little we really know, and how much more there is to know that we first thought and then the ultimate relaisation, it doesn’t really matter!