Marriage woes

Ok. So you’ve got the gist of the story. Manjula’s friends daughter is looking for a husband. The broker has now found maybe six or seven potential husbands. Non have been suitable, they’ve rejected her usually down to the fact her parents don’t have a lot of money. They’ve been bank managers (she’s one) or equivalent. 

Well the latest guy is up for it, works in a bank and his parents are well off. Will it work? 

Seems not. 

Our good friends Diana and Florian has a love marriage this year. I’m beginning to wonder if that is a little easier

She worries that his job is too lowly within the bank which could prove an embarrassment in social situations. How will this ever be resolved? 

I wonder what incentive scheme the broker is working on. Does he have targets! Does he get paid per intro or for a successful union? Whatever, it’s a minefield!

Dire Straits

Manjula, Kamalama, and Manjula’s mum Parvatamma

Manjula is just back with more info about Kamalama’s situation. The first story was most accurate. The one about family illness was a cover story.

Kamalama has effectively run away to Coorg, where she’s from, the area of the western Ghats a few hours away.

It seems that there was an argument and some sort of fracas with her son’s ‘wife’. The upshot is that the ‘wife’ threatened to come round with her main husband and kill Kamalama later that day. So she’s done a runner. Can’t blame her but what a terrible situation for an elderly lady.

Farrell Factoid

the wife has a range of ‘husbands’ that she flits between.

I’m not saying this sort of violence is usual or the complex inter-relationships is common but I’ve heard of similar situations.

Kamalama’s son re-appeared a few years ago and she was happy they had re-established contact. She lives a simple life, has a small house and works as cleaner, washing clothes etc at various houses. We think she’s is in her 60’s. It’s difficult to know what if anything we can do.

Chinese Whispers

We’ve been worried about Kamalama, one of our cleaners these past few days. Manjula had heard from a mutual friend that Kamalama had been hit and beaten by her son and had gone back to Coorg, the area, three hours away and where she’s from. She’d not been to work for a few days. Manjula had called round to her room but it was locked and she couldn’t find anyone who knew anything more.


We’ve all missed her and she’s a particular friend of Lucie our dog.

Well, she turned up this morning and clearly the old ‘Chinese whispers’ have been working overtime. How the fact that her daughter’s husband has a heart condition and close to death had contorted to the fact she’d been beaten up escapes me. We are very sorry to hear about her son in law but also relieved she hasn’t been attacked and injured.