Rebel Two

She lives in Hinkal on the other side of Mysore but I get to see her some weekends and during the school summer holiday, when she visits her grandmother, who lives opposite our house.

We’re in the midst of school holidays so she’s here everyday for a few weeks and I’ve introduced ta – ra ta -ra….

Steve’s Summer Camp for Kaveri

We’ve already had walking Lucie, cycling single and tandem, many trips to the cafe, the infamous holiday, games on and off screen, trips to various institutions namely the vets and dentist, outings in the Ambassador, storytelling, shopping for birthday present clothes more and more….

There’s a serious reason for all this related to MAnjula.


meet Kaveri

over the next few weeks I’ll post an evolving introduction to one of our new friends.

I can hear her now. Her bossy tone wafting over — from her grandmother’s home — on the other side of the park outside our house .

She’s already featured on a few entries on meandmycycle, most notably this month when she joined the ‘Manjula’s Mysore” outing to Kerala. Check here

We began making connections some time ago

So come and say hello to Kaveri…

Rebel Number One, ….an earlier posting saw Kaveri :

⁃ stuffing herself (under her grandmother’s encouragement we’re trying to feed her up, she is very skinny),

⁃ completing her “How to draw almost Everything for Kids’ sourcebook

⁃ playing in the park

and of course she was part of the Madness in Kerala

So why am I introducing you to Kaveri? …. bear with me, you’ll see.

Who’s taken them?

We have a pomegranate thief.

Just as they ripen on the branch someone comes and steals them.

We don’t believe anyone is taking them from our side of the wall or that it’s anyone that works here or relatives of the owner that live on the roof.

No strangers have entered our property. We do have CCTV.

They are however easily reachable from the neighbours path.

It’s a recurring theme. People help themselves to flowers from the public parks. We’ve challenged people with their discreet plastic bags filling them not least from Manjula’s memorial garden.

This morning, Sowbhaghya came across one of the workers in the park who accosted a little girl who was collecting flowers for Pooja. she shouldn’t.

A lesson for Kaveri to learn.

A fitting end to

a wonderful few days

It’s raining and pouring, thunder and lightening, most have left — the remaining fragment of Kaveri, Sowbaghya, Rhadika, SB Naveen Ks, Stephen and Lucie — are here for one more night.

Finding our space

The holiday was a thank you from MAnjula and I

We just had to build castles as it’s such a strong English tradition

It was a real joy spending time with good friends who are all so interesting and different.

Great food
Local friends like Shabaz
Families coming together
Making new friends
Chera Rocks guard dog.
Directors of Manjula’s Mysore being monitored
I’d already spent 30 mins on Kaveri’s hair and Sowbaghya had to finish the job. How do you girls manage?
Bringing in the catch
Lucie becomes communist, she explains that vegetarianism is a step too far.

The famous five have expanded and are in Kerala.

Three separate vehicles travelled from in and around Mysore to Kannur

Our roles began to evolve within the first few hours.

Shafi drove our group.

We’re at Chera Rocks, a great venue so let’s discover the sea.

Kaveri and Rhadika

Grandmother suggested I charge as a taxi. 🤭😉🙂

On an action filled day.

Went rounding with Stephen uncle, for a drive around the base of Chamundi Hill, playing in the park (for one of them anyway) , a stop for pani puri

before the grand finale (which wasn’t) ginormous Ice creams.

The ice creams were too much for the girls and they couldn’t finish. Each cost almost a daily wage.

Wrong impression.

At her grandmother’s place Kaveri showed me her school work.

She has exams over the next two days and her English is improving.

The teddies (gift from Poppy my granddaughter) are tired as is the old man. We even fitted in a tandem cycle ride.

I really enjoyed my time with Kaveri and Rhadika