Meet our friends and family

Manjula, my star, was my golden key to India. She enabled me to easily move here and together we set up our welcoming home and a successful small business. I owe so much to her.

OK, so we did have a bit of help from great friends who’ve continued to support and guide me in these turbulent times. They are gold dust.

Please follow the links below to meet:

  • some of these wonderful friends.
  • guests who’ve become friends and then family

Ina is one of our most regular visitors at Mysore Bed and Breakfast and Manjula’s closest friend amongst our guests. They had lots of adventures together.

Tanu was Manjula’s ‘sister’ and has now joined Mycycle tours as Director

Satish, a key driver, Manjula’s ‘brother’ fearless project manager and Director of the company.

Tom and Amy, we love you! They have become significant friends, been there in key stages of our lives together and helped Stephen through a very difficult time. Check out their two videos of Manjula cooking and the cycle tour

Sally is now an established character at Mysore Bed and Breakfast, a superb supportive friend throughout and especially since Manjula slipped through my chaotic fingers.

Jean-Yves and Nathalie visited us in 2019. What a lovely couple! they’ve also mentioned us and how they valued getting to know Manjula in their great blog, very significant as this was the first season since she slipped away.

Faizan is a creative, using still and video images, a big friend of Lucie’s and much much more. He created this video of me immersing Manjula’s ashes and recently, this one of Manjula

Did I mention I have two sons ?

….. More will follow (friends not sons)