ap pagal hey

I’m getting into a weekly routine. Buying gorgeously fragrant flowers

Then back to the Ashram as lunch arrives.

I’m invited to partake but I’m not taking photos of the people who live her as requested by the home.

And a word from one of the sponsors

Tom and Amy remembering…

‘ap pagal hey’ is what Manj and Tom used to say to each other all the time. Means you’re crazy. Haha

On my remembering, it’s sometimes getting harder. It’s easy to remember the last few weeks of her life but more difficult to recall the older more positive memories without falling into the blubbering brook

4 thoughts on “ap pagal hey

  1. I was remembering our first breakfast at your home and the girls were nervous about what they would get to eat, as EVERYTHING had included some kind of chilli up until then (omelette, chips, noodles, rice) and when Manj appeared with dhosas with Nutella they thought she was the best in the whole world. Her cheeky smile and slight head wobble and Nutella dhosas. Heaven for three small girls. Love the Johansons.

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