A getaway

Lucie and I are away on our own in Wayanad.

Anjum the ever enthusiastic drove us.

And here’s the the view at Dhanagiri homestay.

She’s been on edge. Primarily of course she’s sad dog as we’ve lost something from our heart. Then with me getting ready and packed she thinks I’m going to leave her, no sweat there but then the longest car ride ever, almost four hours. Now plumped in a coffee plantation.

Where are we, what’s happening? Tell me!


Thunder, lightening, rain….. strange environment, she is sooooo not impressed.

Update again.

Breakfast finished, next to walk up the hill with Manjula, Lucie and Abha.

Guess who’s with us in more ways than one.

This trip is proving useful to help me connect with the spirit of my soul. I know, it all sounds a bit new age or Hebden Bridge (the alternative place where my house is in the U.K.). I realise it’s one of the messages from Manjula that I now see more clearly. It’s not really new age, more slowing down the hare and learning from Manjula’s grace. More later.

5 thoughts on “A getaway

  1. I loved our time in Wayanad. It can feel remote and other worldly. I do recall you miraculously arranged a taxi, or Vasanth did, which found our off beat lodge. I also recall getting a puncture just outside the bit where exiting the car is forbidden.
    I have just returned from 4 days with my “children” in Palma…cloudy and cold while the UK basked in record breaking temperatures. Time with children is always great though.
    Hope you and Lucy can relax/contemplate/ enjoy each other’s company and feel a bit energised on return. Tough times.
    I am coming to India for a trek and of September. Don’t know when you need company for Lucy around then?
    Take care of yourselves. It is always good to read your posts and see the photos and video of Manjula. You are both in our thoughts a great deal
    Lots of love
    Gill and Don

    • Hi guys lovely to hear from you. Lucie is so not impressed with the weather. Her nooks and crannies for her to hide from the thunder , aren’t here! Weather never works out. In the summer of 76 I travelled Europe only to miss a wonderful English summer! If you can fit us in in September do. I think the vague plan is to be away the last two weeks


    • So glad you have Lucie with you for mutual comfort and company. It’s a good thing to just DO something I found and going somewhere new gives a different perspective always, as you know 😊Thinking of you often. One day at a time, one foot after the other. 🙏❤🙏

      • Thanks. It’s a bit weird without Manjula. These would be our sort of mini breaks and thankfully we managed one in February. Lucie thinks it’s altogether very weird. ‘Why has he brought me here!?’ S

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