Thank you

It is with untold sadness we celebrate my beautiful Manjula. She came into my life just nine years ago…..Worried that there was no electric mixer/grinder in the kitchen.

You might never imagine from meeting and experiencing her and the spark she created the trail of positiveness she left, how difficult her life had been from the very first second after birth.

Not only has she been able to blossom and grow she has had an impressive lasting impact on all she met and especially on the gruff Yorkshireman.

Manjula’s spark, her warm and welcoming personality, her openess, the richness that she brought to her relationships with everyone, the connectedness she created with people around the world is of course one part of this rich picture.

She transformed my life and now I have an immeasurable gap.

It’s not that I haven’t known this was coming, we’ve known for years that it might be touch and go and her life might be tragically cut short.

She would often joke that nine years ago she came as my maid and now I’m her maid, so true in so many ways. In particular in these last few months when she lost so much weight and had to deal with one problem after another.

She’s not only learned English, non of it from me, she’d hasten to add, she also took on her own brand of English humour. A joker yes, quick witted but warm caringly connecting.

Good things don’t always last but me and the many many people here and around the world we’re touched by this extraordinary woman and celebrate her intensity.

For that I’m blessed I will forever cherish the time, our experiences, the lessons I’ve learned and the love we shared.

Thank you my darling, my precious, my love.

Your husband Stephen

I relayed this during Pooja at our house with Manjula resting outside. Immediately afterwards Manjula was taken to the crematorium.

It was an important statement to celebrate Manjula and our relationship.

33 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Dear Stephen,
    I am so sorry to hear this news.
    Manjula was an amazing, graceful and caring person, and what a remarkable life.
    How lucky and blessed indeed you are to have shared 9 years of your life with her.
    I have the best memories of staying with you and Manjula, how she took care of everybody. Mysore will never be the same without her. My sincere condolences ,
    Inger van der Matten

    • Manjula was that little spark of surprise in the day, her food was delicious her face could light up a room, I am so sorry for your loss Stephen. Love and kind wishes Vicki and Ron

  2. Steve This is a very beautiful tribute to a very beautiful woman. You were both so lucky to find one another and have those years together. What a unique and special relationship it was and what a huge loos for you and the hundreds of people who met her and through you and your love of her grew to know and love her too. May she be sitting peacefully somewhere watching over you and feeling proud to have been your wife. Xxx

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  3. Stephen I always harbored this small hope that Manjula (with you of course) would some day make it to my part of the world. Alas that will not happen but that sweet, dear face will always be a part of me.

    • Dear Steve

      Please accept my sincere condolences for your deep loss, and indeed the world’s loss. I can’t imagine your pain but I can feel your love for Manjula. According to a fante (Ghanaian language)saying, ‘to live in other’s hearts is not to die’. I know this to be true Steve, and I hope will bring you some comfort. I am sure your Manjula is smiling and watching over you, with endless love.

  4. This is such a heart touching tribute to an extraordinary woman. Manjula will always be synonymous with Mysore and the beautiful memories we made there. Her dry humour and hospitality will live on…
    Kindly accept our deepest condolences.

  5. Dear Stephen,
    We have just received your news and are just so very very sad to hear of Manjula’s death. it is hard for us to take in and must be so for you. She was such a one-off, we were so happy to meet her, loved her humour, her cooking, the way she had your measure! She also had courage. What a great couple you were. We are so glad that you had your time together, short though it turned out to be and we have such joyful memories of staying with you. Sunday night curry – how she glowed sitting at that table in her beautiful saris, take away pizzas, and fruit salad without papaya for me (against the rules!)! We have many very fond memories. We are so sorry that her life has been cut short but I imagine her years with you must have exceeded anything she had expected in her life! I’m sure tears are being shed across many countries, so many people did she connect with.
    We also are just so sad for you in your loss. It must be very very tough. Thankfully you are surrounded by people who also loved and appreciated her uniqueness and hope this offers some comfort in your sadness. Much love to you.
    Ros and Paul xx

  6. Dear Stephen,

    I stumbled upon your BnB when looking for some experiences around Mysore. Never happened to visit you guys but have followed you ever since. Feel like I have known Manjula and her inspiring life over the years through your posts; thanks for sharing your journey. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.

  7. My dear Stephen
    I am so sorry to hear this. I hope you are bearing up well. It sounds like you were expecting this.
    I only met you and Manjula over a couple of days whilst staying in your home but I feel we have continued the friendship by the power of the Internet. You have kept in touch with your blogs and posts and I am sure I am not the only one who feels your loss.
    Not much I can say but if you’re ever in my neck of the world you have a friend and a bed available.
    With kind regards and sadness.

    • Thanks Stuart, it’s great to have maintained that connection which of course doesn’t happen with most. Very helpful. Stephen

  8. Dear Stephen,
    we had the chance to meet Mandjula, unfortunately on her last two days. Nevertheless, we could see your « immense amour » and complicity. We are following our trip to Goa now with the image of her peaceful and beautiful face surrounded of flowers as a princess.
    Sandrine and Edouard

    • Thank you Sandrine for sharing Manjula. As you can see from the wonderful photos and videos there are so many dimensions to my beautiful woman, so often a cheeky jokey girl. As you can have noticed it has been quite difficult for her over recent months. I’m so pleased you were able to meet her. Tom and Amy have now arrived they will be a great support . They first visited us years ago and now I’ve lost count of the times. They were here for our wedding Amy being the celibrant and Tom created wonderful lasting photographic memories. Do keep in touch. My best wishes. Stephen

  9. Dear Stephen,

    I am really sorry to hear about your loss. I really am. It was entirely serendipitous that I found the warm and welcoming home you and Manjula had built on my maiden motorcycle tour. I remember the conversation with you and Manjula and the delicious dinner she’d cooked. And though, we’ve not met again, I kept in touch with you and Manjula through your posts. Do take care.

    With love and warm wishes,

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