Lucie’s Liver 2

We went to the vets again today as Lucie was sick a few times last week.

She loves her trips out in auto and ambassador.

She has problems with her liver and kidneys maybe due to Tick Fever she caught a year ago.

It’s a chronic condition, just medication to help her organs function but not cure.

It’s very serious.

We stocked up on specialist renal diet from Austria (!) and now two drugs, probiotics and two vitamins. It’s not cheap but who cares? I’ve been here before.

It’s been a difficult few years.

The ox fell off and lost his horns.
But let’s no loose sight of the positive.
The Bul Bul returns. This is the fourth time a Bul Bul has nested here. First on the roof, next on the middle level, then in the drive and now in our back yard. This made MAnjula so happy.

8 thoughts on “Lucie’s Liver 2

  1. Oh Stephen, Main thing is she is happy and loved.. enjoying her life with you..

    She knows it..


  2. I am sorry about Lucie it must be very hard to now see her I’ll. keeping fingers crossed that the probiotics and vitamins will help. X

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  3. Oh Stephen, you are doing the very best for her and giving her so much love which is the main thing. She’s where she’s happiest, with you just hanging out and going for walks. Hope the adapted diet helps with the sickness. One day at a time as ever. ❤️❤️🙏❤️❤️ Xx

  4. Hi Stephen,

    This is a very disturbing news. I own pets, one dog and three cats. I am a personal trainer, nutrition and lifestyle coach. This is especially disturbing for me as I have some idea why Lucie could be sick.

    Please understand that Cats and Dogs are carnivores. They thrive on meat, dogs will survive with few plant additions like rice. But it is foolish and unethical to keep eliminate or even reduce meat from their diet. I say this and suspect this because I know you’re a vegetarian. I have stayed in your homestay in 2018 and had a great time.

    If you really care about Lucie’s health and wellbeing, eliminate all vegetarian food from her diet and instead feed her meat, preferably red meat. You don’t need to spend so much on these expensive supplements, she will get all nutrients and more from Meat.

    I wish Lucie a speed recovery.

    • Thanks Vipin, Lucie is not a vegetarian. I asked her and she didn’t want to be. She has Renal failure and damaged liver probably due to Tick fever a year ago. She is on a specialist renal diet and medications to help her liver to function. Just this week she’s vomitted a few times with a lot of bile. She’s also recently had black pooh due to internal bleeding. It’s a chronic condition and a scan shows it’s beyond repair. I’ll live and care for her the best I can. There’s only two of our family left now. Thanks for your concern. Best wishes. Stephen.

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