Manjula’s Garden

Sowbhagya, Tanuja and Satish with Lucie, the planning team.
Hi ho, it’s off to work we go.
The site of the garden between Manjula’s two main benches, in the park opposite our house.
The work begins, really?

Just two weeks ago I approached the City Corporation for permission to site the garden, the permission letter is ‘in the post.’ 🙃

3 thoughts on “Manjula’s Garden

  1. How amazing, I look forward to seeing it. very exciting to be making a garden, a lot of work by the look of it! Ex

    • It’s not big, just a bed 1.5 metres wide and 15 long, maybe. First problem is the soil is rock hard and too poor so got to remove and replace the top layer. Monsoon rains should help! S x

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