Faced it

I think it’s safe to say that I haven’t been avoiding it.

I’ve travelled through the most difficult period in my life. I’ve faced it, even embraced it, it’s still with me and always will, grief has become my unwelcome friend.

Psychology Today has something to say on this.

As I follow Manjula’s teeny tiny steps, remember our happy and yet challenging life together, as peeping through the cloudy sadness I learn more and love more about her, realise how lucky I was and continue to celebrate my beautiful, wonderful, kind wife.

I’m sharing always, and I continue to write our story but it will be some time yet before it’s finished. At times, it feels like I’m showing my devotion by building the Taj Mahal in matchsticks. So hang on a little longer. 🙃

In the meantime, there’s early postings about our life together, here on our site for you.

Check the contents page.

5 thoughts on “Faced it

  1. The saying ‘we cross our paths for a reason’ spending much of my time by myself, I feel the saying is so true.
    I have met you, got to know Manjula through you. It is an invaluable experience which is immeasurably wonderful.
    Stephen we will meet Manjula again. As for now, she should be allowed to go. You did the best to aliviate her pain. Stephen, allow her to rest in peace. She deserves the delightful,blissful eternity. Stephen, set her free, let her go.

    • Thanks Grace. I agree there was a reason MAnjula and I found each other and came together. We both gained tremendously from the wonderful life we were able to create. I expect to be with her again. I’ve fulfilled the Hindu requirements particularly this https://meandmycycle.com/2019/03/27/asthi-vasarjan/ to help her soul find its new home or achieve moksha. I have let her go free and face the grief that will always be with me. Although it becomes easier I still get what Didion called vortex, ambushed by memories, and as another friend revealed it takes a long time for her four years for the initial stages and never goes. It’s onIy been a year and a half. I realise and love her more as I research and write our story. A challenge in lots of ways. I now have opened Her library with a fair selection of books on the subject. People have found help from the postings. She is free and someplace else now. The point of the posting and reference to the article was to embrace it and not deny. In my case that’s been valuable. Thanks for your support. Love and peas, stephen.

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