Our guests

Thank you …. thank you …. thank you.

Friends, yes guests who have always become friends and all our other worldwide friends have been wonderful supporting me through email, messages, likes, you name it.

I’ve been in London less than a week, managed a days work, granddaughter sitting and met up for wonderful support from four different sets of guests. Amazing!

OK we’re English so invariably beer is involved.

3 thoughts on “Our guests

  1. Steve, so lucky we could meet up. Lovely to reconnect and thanks for being so open and sharing about how you are coping. Thinking about you and what you’re going through. Let us know if you ever fancy a trip to sunny Birmingham and we’re planning next possible visit to Mysore. With love from Steve and Lindsay

    • Thanks guys, lovely to see you and catch up. I mean it. I really appreciate the wonderful support. Maybe my new situation might lead to more time away from Mysore and back in England, so I may be in Birmingham.. look forward to next time, here or there! Stephen x

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