With a little help from our friends we’ll keep Manjula’s creation going.

First, please do stay in touch and continue to read the postings at

Second, if anyone can come stay and look after Luci when I’m away that would be a great help and comfort for her. Possible timings are May, July and September.

Third, come and help out. In return for accommodation and breakfast help me keep the place going.

In my view this is a way to keep our home available, to share with the rich mix of people from around the world and maintain those wonderful connections.

Or ….. of course please do return and invite your friends to come as future guests of Manjula’s at Mysore Bed and Breakfast.

I write and postc this as Tom and Amy say hoagie bartini (see you again) and drive down the road with dogs chasing them away….. after coming to the rescue and supporting me for these past two weeks. Super troopers, thank you so much I couldn’t have managed without you!

and back to you guys….. I look forward to seeing and hearing from you.

Peas and love

Stephen and Luci

What’s this then? Twisted logic, you’ve got to laugh to break away from the tears. An imagined back to the future, reincarnation: Manjula as a 1940s Englishwoman and Stephen as an Indian sailor, mini size with Luci as the boss.

9 thoughts on “Help

  1. Love the drawing who did it? Thinking of you, seems to have been a long couple of weeks. Exx

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    • It’s been veeeeery loooong and shitty. Far too many what ifs and giving myself extra grief. Interspersed with lightening smiles remembering wonderful times. My drawing s x

  2. Wonderful drawing Stephen – one of your specials or a guest? A new career there for someone. I hope you get someone to help. I’ll put the word out and if I hear of anyone suitable and enthusiastic, I’ll get back to you.

    • Yes it’s my pic! Thanks, let us know if anyone pops up. Luci clearly upset and would prefer her to stay here when I go away

  3. Dear Stephen, I have followed your messages. You are such a brave man. May God bless you and always guide you. Keep going and close to those who love you. Time heals and make us feel better. Xxx Fernanda

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