My life, my key, my saviour

Absolutely nothing ever goes to plan or as expected.

The 11th day, of Pooja for Manjula is now the day after the one originally planned, so unfortunately non of our Indian friends are able to come. The appropriate date is calculated by some mystic, the stars or pure whim, who knows? The event organised by Manjulas brother and family will be in a village with no one that we really know. It doesn’t really matter. But…. Non of us will speak Kannada or have any idea whats going on. Then there’s the whole issue of me bringing her mangal sutra and ankle chains and getting them back to take home. So there’s a few things to understand and manage.

That’s today’s first challenge.

Then there was….

the Merry-go-round of trying to collect Manjula’s body from the hospital,

..or the case of the missing engagement ring and wedding sari.

It’s one thing after another.

It’s becoming more and more apparent that Manjula has been my golden key to help open the lock of India she’s enabled me to relatively easily surf the uncertain waters, the buffering of the white water. That’s now gone.

India well and truly takes you out of your comfort zone and then pushes you out a bit further and a bit further and further still into unchartered waters.

She was also my life life saver in so many ways.

But of course, she’s still with me.

2 thoughts on “My life, my key, my saviour

  1. Yes, she’ll be advising you from inside now. I found that Mike is guiding me in all sorts from how to look after his plants that I transplanted to my garden from his, to reminding me of things we would normally do together…..fanciful maybe, but he’s always talking to me and advising and being the soul companion he always was. Just listen to her voice inside. ❤ She has already trained you up in all things Indian, now she’s launching you into the full flow of the white water! I’m sure you’ll sail your raft safely with her help. Keep the faith. 👍🙏❤

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