Manjula’s Memorial

A wonderful photo of beautiful Manjula, the daily local pungent jasmine flowers, roses, her constant companion favourite WOMAD water bottle, Buddha, painting of Luci, wedding present wood inlay of Manjula the personification of Mysore Bed and Breakfast, one oft favourite photos of the wedding.

8 thoughts on “Manjula’s Memorial

  1. Very beautiful. I remember the many photos you took of her on Christmas Day when I was staying with you. Have you looked at those recently? X

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    • I’m slowly going through things. I found a bunch of printed photos from the early days. It’s so hard mostly just carrying on then it gets a bit overwhelming. I’m trying to remove all the punishing stuff. I recognise we had a wonderful seven years. We both learned and changed a lot. I tried my hardest but wasn’t able to help her to fight her illnesses. She was strong and happy. Thanks for your support. S x

  2. Stephen, your posts are so touching. Manjula was lucky to have found someone who loved her as you do.

    • thank you Amanda, I really appreciate that, its actually quite helpful to get through this horrible time to share.

  3. Steve, Beautiful and touching. I felt that the beauty of your loving gratitude for Manjula and your’s for her flowed through your’s and Manjula’s home and ripples of these touched many people lives.

    • Thank you Kali, very nicely put. We’re just back from sponsoring a lunch at an aged persons home in Manjula’s name.

  4. Lunch for the elderly, a wonderful way of giving to others and another way of celebrating the spirit of Manjula’s generous heart and your’s.

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