who wants a holiday in the UK?

Well Manjula does obviously! I’ll be in the UK on one of my three trips per annum in July and plans are in place to take Manj.

An application for a tourist visa has therefore been submitted to the British Government.

We used the opportunity, in yet another trip to Bangalore, to see the sites and grab some food. No micro-brewery as I’m off alcohol, partly to reduce the flab!

I’ve pretty much done all the work on the visa application. I’m not quite sure that Manjula completely understands about the process and rules. I’m not sure that I do myself. Does anyone?

I’ve explained, in the application, I hope, that Manjula as my fiancée, really is my dependent so I’ll be financing the whole trip. We have an established business here in Mysore and Manj has her mum to care for, so we will be returning. I think there are two main areas of concern they will have: that there is enough money available and that she has an established life here and will definitely be returning.

The excitement is palpable and I’m trying to tone it down a bit, explaining that we might fail and why the UK Govt might not give it.

Anyway it was submitted two weeks ago. We now await the result and we expect it VERY soon.

3 thoughts on “who wants a holiday in the UK?

  1. Hi Stephen

    I feel your pain. We are now on Candy’s 4th visa and 11 months waiting for her partner sponsored visa to be approved.

    I am also going to the UK in July. To see the folks (mum’s 70th) and spend a week at Mt Ventoux in France. Luckily my boss lives there so I will combine our AGM with seeing the Tour De France come to town on Bastille Day. But without Candy 😦

    Good luck with the passport.

    Candy had the same questions to answer for her UK visa. But we had no problems so I hope it’s the same for Manjula.

    Best regards


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