all she wished for was a holiday

Manjula doesn’t wish to move there, or rip of the NHS, become an illegal immigrant, apply for refugee status or go underground and try not to return to the UK.

Manjula is a really honest, straightforward, easy-going person that wouldn’t wish to play a trick or be dishonest.

Manjula’s home is here with me in Mysore, we have an established business that has bookings through to March 2017

Manjula has responsibilities here such as looking after her mother and doesn’t intend to move away and neglect her.

Manjula doesn’t need any money to go on holiday to the UK. I’d cover everything and many friends including plenty who have visited Mysore Bed and Breakfast have kindly agreed to provide accommodation

Manjula is an innocent

The visa system involves completing a form online and submitting supporting documents to an office in Bangalore. The form, bio data and info is then passed on. The decision is made without any dialogue or any form of two-way communication by someone at the High Commission. There is no opportunity for questions or providing additional information in case anything is missing, one has to second guess what’s required and get it right, the first time. There is no discussion, debate or opportunity to tease out the nuances of the bland guidance notes.

They’ve rejected her on the grounds that she might not return to India after the holiday.

The amateur, yes that’s me, who completed the form for Manjula thought that by  agreeing to be her sponsor for the trip and demonstrating that we had a thriving business and established life in Mysore to which we needed to return to, would be sufficient. Obviously it wasn’t!

so what to do!?

7 thoughts on “all she wished for was a holiday

  1. Surely it is possible to challenge the decision, perhaps have something in India in either her name or joint names, if this is what they have questioned then look at how to appese their questions. Sounds as though it is someone on the other end of the procedure who is a bit of a jobsworth and unfortunately there is little dialogue to have

    • Its not possible to appeal but I’ll just apply again. yes’ its bloody frustrating not knowing what they exactly want to see to be able to tick their bloody box!
      I’d wrongly assumed that they would be satisfied with my sponsorship of the trip and the evidence I provided of the BnB, manjula’s role, she’s the logo for God’s sake, and the booking way into the new year!!!

      so next application will include:

      extensive details of the company, Manjula’s accounts, job description etc.

      her relatives


    • We’ve made Manjula a director of the company, will provide more evidence of the business, it’s registration etc, create a proper job etc,

  2. So disappointing for you both. Can someone give you the right information before you fill it in again or could you find a politician or bureaucrat to assist. Its a sad thing when people are told when and where like this..

    • U.K. Visa people are notorious about being tight lipped. I knew some of them socially in Mumbai years ago but would never discuss it! Big challenge is, the BnB is a bit informal and not formally part of the business as yet.

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