Open Mic

An open mic event at Dreamers Cafe in Mysore great young audience entertained with poetry, singing, guitar, flute, jokes and storytelling.

His notes are on his hand. Who knows what’s on the smart Phone.

My very first appearance at an open mic.

The cafe has double decker seating.

Lucie and I are missing the people. The busy household, constant comings and going’s, the jokes, the kindness and our queen.

This helps replace some of the missing energy. Great evening, wonderful people, well organised.

2 thoughts on “Open Mic

    • Little anecdotes about insights into differences between England and India. Based around Idea of blind date. Started with intro and asking them about themselves and responding. They were mostly under 30 maybe 35 – 40 of them so small numbers and very kind. New place and easy going. Some of the bits in that written piece. Avoided the political bits! Dangerous.

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