Making Connections

Meeting people, making new and celebrating old friends is what it’s about.

We’ve missed that over the past two years but things are changing.

This lovely family who look after a construction site, live over the other side of our park and have become good friends.

Their teenage daughter Radhika is dressed up for ethnic day at school.

Occasionally the bundle of fun, Kaveri, their granddaughter, also visits from the other side of Mysore and brightens our lives.

We look forward to more ….

Open Mic

An open mic event at Dreamers Cafe in Mysore great young audience entertained with poetry, singing, guitar, flute, jokes and storytelling.

His notes are on his hand. Who knows what’s on the smart Phone.

My very first appearance at an open mic.

The cafe has double decker seating.

Lucie and I are missing the people. The busy household, constant comings and going’s, the jokes, the kindness and our queen.

This helps replace some of the missing energy. Great evening, wonderful people, well organised.

We’re alike….

It’s always good to find similarities and differences, the places where we Bridge and others where the paths fork…..

We’ve discussed a few times about how important it’s been for Manjula to keep the place going even while she’s not been so well these past few months.

It’s been the right decision when she’s out and about or amongst our visitors she’s enlivened by being connected.

We see it when chatting to guests, at the hospital, or coordinating her network of help, from her good friend who brings home cooked for her each day, the boys at the veg shop and our own team of drivers, cleaners and gardener.

As with me, she’s clearly energised by connecting and engaging with people.