Happy Diwali

Sowbhagya came on Sunday to prepare the house and draw rangoli

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This is the first we’ve celebrated since MAnjula escaped.

We had a little rain over night and I love the new version of the Rangoli

Sowbhagya wanted to wash it away but I said leave it, I like the traditional and the modern.
communities celebrate Diwali on different days Saturday was for Jains and those from Tamil Nadu, today, Monday is for locals from Karnataka.

5 thoughts on “Happy Diwali

  1. What do you mean by celebrated tomorrow ‘probably’? Isn’t it clear when it is celebrated? Or is it a moving feast because of Covid? Anyway happy Diwali! Ex

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    • Thanks. Happy Diwali. It’s on different days depending upon the community. But even then the days merge. Sunday wasn’t supposed to be Diwali yet externally the celebrations were like Saturday and Monday. The differently organised, consistently inconsistent India. Love stephen x

  2. So the Jains from the north and Tamil’s celebrated on the Saturday, locals from Karnataka on the Monday, Sunday free for all and two weeks later lamps and fireworks were out again. A different festival. S x

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