2 thoughts on “months pass

  1. Hey, just found this site after searching for your main site as I was recommending to a friend that she book a stay with you. Julia and I are so saddened to hear that Manjula passed away. We really enjoyed staying with you in 2012, and remember her as a strong woman with fire (and smiles) in her eyes.

    xxx Gerry and Julia xxx

    • Thanks Gerry and Julia, really appreciate your support. Great way to describe Manj. It was always a possibility that she would die early with her gattling gun of illnesses but that doesn’t mean its any easier to deal with. As soon as she was diagnosed we got engaged five years ago but didn’t marry until last year, partly as we had to sort out whether her first marriage was legit or not. Nothing is straightforward here, as you know. I do have such happy memories of almost ten years together. She is of course with me now, usually bossing me about with her assistant Lucie taking a dominant role 😉 I’ve kept the Bed and Breakfast going exactly as Manjula would have liked and its wonderful welcoming old and new guests and introducing Manjula (being careful no to over do it). My big promise is to write our story over the next few months. There’s actually tons of stuff on this sight about our escapades here in Mysore. Do please invite your friend to come and stay but warn her about the Englishman. It’s the same but different. Your loving friend, Stephen and his new boss Lucie.

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