more for our story


The day could have started better. Gathering extra information for our story is not proving easy

Sumukh and I had gone to see Lakshmi to interview her for more insights into Manjula’s life around the time she first came to work for me. We found out some stuff but she could have been more cooperative. There seems to be some block which I don’t understand. Maybe it becomes part of the story.

In the past week Sumukh was due to meet Manjula’s brother for an interview and that was called off. It might be the usual Mysore experience where nothing quite goes to plan or are there other reasons.

I’ll bring Indian team members together to get a perspective on this.


The other neighbours seems more friendly and were engrossed with our photo albums. I wonder what do they really think about poor Manjula marrying what they will see as a the rich foreigner.

Next, was much better

A social occasion with an added purpose, to meet Vidya and her new baby Vishnu. The Grandmother: Sudha is probably Manjula’s closest friend, a witness at our wedding and hopefully a great source of information for our story.  We brought sweets, crunchy snack things and silver bangles for Vishnu. Satish and I had a wonderful lunch.

Sumukh, will hopefully interview her, in the next few days.






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