Its been a very difficult few months for Manjula culminating in a week in hospital and most of that in intensive care. The immediate infection has been eliminated but her chronic condition, her chest complaint is COPD and it will not go away. We have to be vigilant about possible infections and work out what implications this has for her and our life style.





DSC02627She’s such a hero, deals with new and challenging things, like BnB guests 😉 her illnesses and that awkward man from Yorkshire with gentle gusto, her usual happy go lucky energy, incredible fortitude and all whilst creating an open, friendly wonderful home.

That will not change.

She’s’s supposed to be resting now and spending time on her oxygen machine but she’s hanging out the back door supervising the guys cleaning out our sump tank!

DSC02632     Manjula wishes me to thank you for all you kind thoughts and insisted  that I bring you up to date with her current situation. She sends her radiant smile to you….

4 thoughts on “Manjula’s

  1. Glad to hear Manjula is out of hospital. It’s always too easy to take our health for granted. I hope that COPD doesn’t obstruct your happy lives.
    Best wishes

  2. Ive only just caught up that Manjula has been very ill. I’m very sorry hear that. John and I send her our very best wishes for a speedy recovery..

    • lovely to hear from you, and keep connected… she’s a strong woman and times this episode to coincide with end of our main season… style!

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