Is there a right way?

How not to handle it!

As you may know we have an alien in our midst. The heavy storm last week and torrential rain seperated the kitten from it’s mum. The first we heard of it was the woeful cat crying from Next door. Later that day it was out on the street (our neighbour is not the most tolerant or easygoing. 

So we fed it a bit of egg. Personally I’ve an open mind about these things. But cats are not BIG in India and well there are two bossy women here (yes Manjula and her side kick Lucie) me I’m way down the pecking order. 

Ring any bells?

Well as you might imagine they are not too impressed. 

The ginger disrupter. Is going to have to work hard to win them over. 

Yes a bit like this. 

But the cards are stacked against him. 

Manjula is close to being won over. 

Lucie is wound up, close to attacking. (Bark worse than bite?) 

The cat is a bit demanding and God knows where it’s shitting. 

We’re off to the UK in ten days time with Eric looking after Lucie and the house. So the whole thing might be a challenge too far. 

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