New journey 2 


We’re trying to get registered as a BnB. First call was the City Corporation. Wrong! We need to go to the Police first to get their authorisation. But it’s useful as we realise that the evidence of tax payment from the owner isn’t a good enough xerox copy so need to get it redone. 

We find a helpful advocate and his English speaking assistant. The letter from the owner giving Manjula permission isn’t good enough so we have to redo the rental agreement.

Bored? Had enough yet? 

You’ve seen nothing. 

We’ve had to get new stamped paper, check the revision of the agreement is AOK, sent it to Bangalore for the owner to stick his pic on it, sign over the pic and every page of the agreement, get it witnessed, send it back to Manjula, she does the same. Then we take it back to the advocate to be officially signed and stamped. 

Meanwhile we write to the Commissionerbof Police.  

Farrell Footnote

We’ve operated up until now as a AirBnB but as of this year we now have register with the Karnataka Government. 

So to all intents and purposes this is a new venture that we will launch in September. 

It will of course still be Mysore Bed and Breakfast, at 163 Moksha and the laid back team are in residence. 

India then.  Same but different. 

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