Bill the flowerpot man! 

We’ve now had the ups and downs of dog-cat land for over a week. 

We first heard the assertive miaow of the kitten after a wicked storm. The resulting flash floods must have separated him from his mum. 

Lucie has been singularly unimpressed. She jumps from grudging acceptance to attempts to catch and well… I reckon she wouldn’t have the first idea what to do, if she did catch the cat. 

Well the whole situation has presented a major challenge. We leave for the UK in two days and Eric the Viking has come to stay, do his studies, look after the house and care for Lucie. 

It’s too much to ask him to look after the cat and deal with the potential conflicts. I do also need to recognise that Lucie does feel jealous and left out. If we were here, I reckon we could handle it and the bear/eagle would learn to live together. 


We’re off to People for Animals. We’ve left Bill, and he left Manj with a ‘lasting impression’  the first and only time he’s scratched. Well she was most in favour of taking him there! (She’s now getting a Tetanus injection.)

If he’s still at the Shelter when we get back from the UK. I’ll smuggle him home. There was however a telephone call while we were in the office of someone looking for a cat! 

So Indian 🙂 

2 thoughts on “Bill the flowerpot man! 

    • I think you’re right.. I am bereft. Missing my friend.. he also pissed on Manjula in the car! He knows she wanted him to go. 🙂

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