Which ways best?

as we plan our second trip to the UK next month Manjula confesses to me that there’s one aspect of the trip she’s not looking forward to.

It’s a delicate matter!

It’s a significant part of every day!

so, which do you prefer?

I’ve just started reading GUT by Giulia Enders in which she relays important research findings and one study helps answer the question: “Are you sitting properly? ” ….

if you take into consideration the time it takes, the satisfying feeling afterwards, using less energy (i.e. Not forcing it out) avoiding haemorrhoids, and one or two other things, the squat method comes out on tops….

so there you are

But we knew this didn’t we?

there is a second aspect to this and it’s how we clean ourselves, I wonder if any research has been done on that subject?


I’m definitely with Manjula on this one!

2 thoughts on “Which ways best?

    • Ha ha great Stuart. Yes the research did suggests this as half way house. So how to resolve the water issue.


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