The Tiger bit me!

Which Tiger bit you? Where?

Ok its not a real tiger, but it did bite me!

I’d called at the shopping mall and parked the Enfield (aka CE) just outside on a grotty verge near to some street food stalls. I couldn’t have been much more than twenty minutes, time to grab a snack and Nutella stuff for the children for tomorrow’s pancake breakfast. (the Maple syrup fresh from Canada will NOT be opened).

I’m trying to write this at the dining table and Manjula has just brought tea and biscuits. I’m on a fitness and not-eating-crap period and she knows it. She’s trying to entice me with the biscuits. Now she’s got one half in her mouth and waving it in my direction. She’s a minx!

back to the nonsense of today….

On finishing shopping and returning outside, it all looked odd and I felt seriously uncomfortable. The verge was completely empty and there was no bike to be seen. Sugar! I also couldn’t find my keys…… nicked? God knows!

It’s then I saw the Tiger.

Its a pick up truck operated by the Police that goes around the city lifting illegally parked two wheelers. The policeman and I didn’t really understand each other but if they had it, it was at the Transport Police depot on my way home. So I trudged off……. waaaay!

IMG_5904She was there!

You can see her peeking out from the corner of the police station, with my red helmet still on her seat.

What a relief, she hadn’t been stolen!

So I turned up with my documents. They knew nothing about the keys. so actually its quite a relief that the Police picked it up, otherwise someone might have found the keys and nicked it!

Things work out in the end, or so we need to tell ourselves in dealing with the OTHER big issue in our lives, at the moment.

I paid my fine of 200 Rs and an additional 100 Rs charge to pay for the Tiger, picking up and transporting it. So that’s no big deal. but hang on a minute. The minimum pay which many people don’t even get is 200 Rs per day. So it has cost quite a lot of money to someone with little. To them itsIMG_0925 the equivalent of a day and a half’s pay!

But then again they  probably wouldn’t have been an idiot and got the bike picked up in the first place! 🙂

So why am I telling you all about this? Maybe it’s distraction therapy…. eh and guess what happened when I got back to the bike…….



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