Can we find her?

Isn’t she pretty?


… in Mount Pleasant Vancouver. Please pass this information on to help locate her. there’s a reward of cash or a free cycle tour and accommodation in Mysore, flight not included. 🤭

I’d planned to bring her back to London and then onto India after she was given to me by my son while holidaying in Canada in July 2022.

After a trip to Vancouver island we cycled the goose cycle trail.

There’s more of our history here.

Stands out from a crowd

She’s distinctive with her yellow frame, white wheels and pretend leather saddle. She has a single front rim brake.

Meet Trixie

I’ve now flown back but can arrange to pick her up or have her transported when we find her.

My son Oliver Farrell is the proprietor of ‘Feel Good Everyday’ near the railway (train) station in Vancouver and can be contacted there or online. Please email me at

We’ve listed details here

Manufactured by Regal Bicycles in Toronto, she was known as ‘Count’ over ten years ago as a single gear fixie but now she has the addition of three speed gears and coaster brake and so we named her Trixie

I lead city Mcycle tours and host Mysore Bed and Breakfast in South India.

My experience was otherwise very positive in Canada.

Vancouver and the island are great

2 thoughts on “Can we find her?

  1. [12/08, 11:24 PM] A: The bespoke silence remained silent
    As i gravitated towards pain and suffering
    Unbeknownst to me
    Unbeknownst to the temporary satiety i pursued
    [12/08, 11:24 PM] A: Reverent to the pleasures of companionship
    I plunged in a commoner
    To be drenched in an ocean of maybe’s
    A survival in retrospection
    [12/08, 11:24 PM] A: The desperation of life
    Convulses into a monstrosity
    Reality blends into sublime dreams
    A place where the rainbow ends
    Illusion it may be
    But for now
    That’s enough
    To pass another day
    To pass another second

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