Vancouver Island

I’m visiting one of the Sari Sisters, a group of women cyclists from Vancouver Island.

Thank you Lise

They came to India stayed with us and cycled from Mysore to Cochin.

This is my third visit. Lise and Michael kindly ‘put me up’

And Michael and Benson.

I’ve had a wonderful few days exploring Victoria, the capital of BC and cycling along the Galloping Goose Trail.

Victoria and the island (as long as England!) is a great place

Guess who’s is the biggest?

Cyclists are catered for with cycle routes, great maps, considerate drivers and safe secure places to leave your cycle

With random deer, not cows.

Trixie was with me all the way.

2 thoughts on “Vancouver Island

  1. Great pics, why the mask, is there much covid there? I went down with it at the weekend – I think having caught it at the BITC alumni event, but am feeling almost back to normal. Sandro has it (for the 1st time) and is much iller.

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    • Not especially bad here. I try and wear one when I go indoors or on transport. I’m the odd one out again. 🤔🤭I know others who got it in U.K. so it’s clearly on the increase. I’m especially careful as I’m travelling so much. S x

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