It was fun

the survival of the famous twelve, an englishman and his dog

We’re all back home now but what an adventure.

Manjula’s Mysore, our new venture — sponsored our happy holiday — to thank everyone for their help and helping us commemorate Manjula

Enid Blyton anticipated the challenges of five young people holidaying together but eleven of all ages in India! Now that is madness. Who’s idea was that then?

Chera Rocks is a great location. Chosen because it was close to where Manjula and I first went on holiday together but had the capacity and closeness to the beach that we needed. We ate together, could join or not as we preferred and had enough to entertain us without leaving the ‘resort.’

Holidaying as a family let alone a group with no previous experience of being together can be a real challenge but what a wonderful trip it turned out to be. Maybe our angel was watching over us.

Kerala and food, enough said.

the motley bunch say farewell, for now.

some of us sneak an extra night and have the exciting storm and refreshing showers


Our own fragment left at last

It was a wonderful trip thanks to all and a big hug for Manjula

Five families going together on holiday together is a challenge anywhere so, the Englishman had to visit beforehand to get the ‘lie of the land’. with a half-hearted attempt at planning. Sally and Shabaz as always were an essential help.

3 thoughts on “It was fun

  1. So what a fab holiday. How has it been for Kaveri now that you all back?

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    • She’s been with her grandmothers so I see her everyday. I realise that she’s not close to her mum, sees grandmother more as her mum. We’re doing all sorts together. I’ll read a picture book story each day, yesterday we did Fimo, we walk, cycle, or today trip out in the car, she has issues with concentration but when she does she shows how together and clever she can be. Her birthday next week then may go back to her mums so might not see her for ages. All good for me, and for her. s x

    • She goes to bed too late, but bed is five of them sharing a mat on the floor so there’s not too much choice. I can hear her now through my bedroom window at 10.20 pm!

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