Layers of love

I was first drawn to India its people and places almost 50 years ago.

But wasn’t until 19 years ago that I finally arrived. On that first visit I realised it was love. India has been a significant part of my life ever since.

It led me to meeting Manjula 12 years ago when she came to work for me, we fell in love and created a wonderful life together, which we shared with many of you.

We were together for over nine years and I married my beautiful Manjula at age 61, never having been married before.

It wasn’t the usual Indian wedding. I’ve already written about when getting ready and the wedding itself.

Manjula showed me me how critical it was to sustain and grow our love through being attentive and present. Young couples in our extended family might, have heard that once or twice. 🤭

Since losing Manjula over three years ago I’ve shared something of my journey through this site. Her presence remains with me in so many ways, I love her even more and she continues to reveal more and more layers of love.

I hope to publish our story next year, please do keep checking our site for details. I’ll set up a mailing list to keep you up to date with progress and the odd insight. Watch this space.

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