Even more at Manjula’s library

I recently discovered that Stardust, one of my favourite films is written by an author I’ve only just discovered: Neil Gaiman. I know, I know, I’m behind the times.

Here’s the author’s original outline for the book.

Well now I’ve read the book and strongly recommend both.

With superb images by Charles Vegg

4 thoughts on “Even more at Manjula’s library

  1. Sounds like you might really enjoy a series on Netflix called Outlander. I’m on series 5 and have really loved it! Ex

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    • If it’s the time travel in Scotland, doctor woman ends up with two husbands and decides to stay in past. I loved it but stopped when it became more emotional. Or at least I took it that way reminding me of loss. Life is weird like that. Jumping around. Loved stardust then it tears at the end (happy) then jumped to writing a new structure for our story. Quite bizarre. I’ll try outlander again. Thanks for suggestion. S x

    • I’ve watched lots of Netflix. Productions and I’m so impressed how diverse the actors are makes it feel so different and positive.

    • Seems like I’d watched a fair amount of it. I’m back watching and the story is revealing their attempt to free slaves! Sx

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