Manjula was full of them.

Ideas and jokes that is.

It all did begin as a joke. Justin is leaving Mysore so we’ve craftily fetched a couple of useful items that he can’t take with him.

That’s our first stage.

Manjula’s concerns included what to do with all the stuff I was bringing home. Especially art and books. She reckoned there wasn’t enough room. Wrong!

Second she wanted to give me things to do when I couldn’t lead cycle tours anymore. When I was 75, or so she thought.

Well it all started with Faizan borrowing. Now we have Manjula’s library. She’s left it a bit messy.

There’s also a work area and..


Available for guests and our friends in Mysore

Stories rule!

“Real isn’t how you are made… It’s a thing that happens to you

From the Velveteen Rabbit

Check here for great article

I love young children’s books. When my granddaughter Poppy was born I arrived with a box full of the picture books I’d saved from when Ben and Ols were young children. From that and subsequent books, she has a great collection, some of the best insightful and political stories.

I’ve also created a small library at Mysore Bed and Breakfast.