New things

My good friend Faizan introduced me to the Mysore Storytelling Network. A lovely group of people working to promote storytelling. I’ve joined a couple of their meetings to help where I can in creating the foundation. Here’s our last agenda.

I’ll try develop a reading and storytelling project as an example of MAnjula giving.

Here’s why the New Yorker think this is important:

“Storytelling is the oldest form of entertainment there is. From campfires and pictograms—the Lascaux cave paintings may be as much as twenty thousand years old— to tribal songs and epic ballads passed down from generation to generation, it is one of the most fundamental ways humans have of making sense of the world. No matter how much storytelling formats change, storytelling itself never gets old.

Stories bring us together. We can talk about them and bond over them. They are shared knowledge, shared legend, and shared history; often, they shape our shared future. Stories are so natural that we don’t notice how much they permeate our lives. And stories are on our side: they are meant to delight us, not deceive us—an ever-present form of entertainment.”

From New Yorker 6th July

2 thoughts on “New things

  1. Hello. I think you know I’ve done sone storytelling training and am part of a small London storytelling group. If you’d like to know more about how it’s run, maybe we could zoom or something soon. I particularly like Indian stories like panchatantra and I’m trying to get my version of the birth of Lord Ganesha ready to tell to an actual paying audience – if ever performances other than zoom are back again.
    Ps. Why am I posting here instead of emailing I wonder ….

    • Hi Victoria, that would be great to talk about and to catch up anyway.Id love to hear whats in the Ganesha story. The group ive just met with will be doing monthly events and the main instigator is planning a performance next year on mystics (women) in India S

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