Manjula’s Latest FIRST was a camp for the weekend at a music festival.



Manjula once again brought the sun to England! There was cloud but very little rain. Changeable weather, absolute downpowers and all types of mud known to mankind are real risks at any English festival but not this time!


One of many highlights was Anoushka Shankar!

It was full of new experiences for Manjula

We camped (in our own little village of individual tents, event shelter for a living room and our very own kitchen tent) with a great group of friends. Manjula prepared one of her signature dishes for dinner.

Manjula’s view on life

I have no idea what Manjula thinks of the experiences she’s had in the UK. Just look at her clothing! ….. a world away from her daily wear of Saree back in Mysore. It has been a very rich and varied experience and as with other things, she takes it all in her stride. She’s becoming a very western woman 😉

I look forward to hearing her reflections, once its all over and she’s settled back into Mysore.

Farrell Factoid

WOMAD, the World of Music Art and Dance is held annually in the South of England and in locations throughout the world such as in the Canaries and Australia. It was originally created by Peter Gabriel the original vocalist of the band Genesis. its a great mix of international music both contemporary and more traditional ‘folk.’ As a group some of us have attended the festival for over ten years.

2 thoughts on “WOMAD

  1. Hi Steve

    Thanks for your latest post. WOMAD is a great festival – I’ve many friends who go regularly, but I’ve yet to go myself.

    Manjula is very brave to take on this experience!

    I took Candy to a “bush doof” (Australian festival), it was scorching hot and dusty with tents full of booming pys-trance music. A real experience for her, but it didn’t stop her going to sleep at her normal time, alothough the music went all night!

    I hope Manjula will not forget her sarees and might alternate with western clothing now and again, as long as they are purple LOL.

    Safe travels home


  2. I await Manjula’s views on the trip once she’s settled back in madness aka India. She saw a mini just like yours and said wow! Clearly very impressed. I think both our partners are getting and providing different insights into life 🙂 it will be full on shares when she’s back and maybe a bit like an alter ego! Good to keep in touch. S

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