Mycycle, Mysore Cycle Tours


Mycycle is my business in South India that provides short guided cycle tours for visitors to the wonderful city of Mysore.

So the My refers to Mysore as well as my experience of over 40 years as a cyclist. But I fully intend that this blog will be much more than that…about our view of life in India that on the way will take in an eclectic range of interests and experiences.

We have now had the privilege of hosting, guiding and hopefully entertaining over 900 guests since we launched a little over two years ago. We’re often asked about the history of our business here, what drew me to Mysore and what adventures I and the team have had in living in India and developing Mycycle and Mysore Bed and Breakfast.

This is an attempt to share something of that experience.

please do join us on the journey

details of what we do can be found on

6 thoughts on “Mycycle, Mysore Cycle Tours

  1. Hi Stephen. Blog is definitely now up and running, like the Ben Gunn look in your photo. We will stay tuned.

    Best wishes

    Nige and Jane

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