Simple ritual

I ordered a chai on Lucie and my first walk of the day.

The guy put sugar in the glass, carefully pouring onto it, hot milk. Then hot water in a steel ‘glass’

How’s that my chai?

He promptly threw the milk onto the ground followed by the water and thankfully just about missing Lucie.

I’m guessing it’s a first thing in the morning ritual. I can find out no more, at this stage, given my sophisticated knowledge (don’t ask) of the local Kannada language and the hotel owners grunts.

I did get my chai.

Another connection with the caribbean. In their case before you take a sip of your rum give a little to the ground.

It’s now back home to finish preparing breakfast for todays lovely guests Eli and James from England

2 thoughts on “Simple ritual

  1. Thank you Steve for always celebrating Manjula and her presence in your life.
    Thank you for the opportunity to be a miniscule part of the celebration.
    Faizan , it’s only you who could juxtapose the emotions that we all went through that day.
    Beautiful. Good luck and warm wishes to Manjula and Steve .

    • Thank you M for helping it be a great success. I think Faizan captured it really well especially the joy on the young women’s reactions. I’m certain Manjula loved it. Stephen

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