The fourth quarter

The final chapter, last leg, finale….

We knowingly enter it at or around age sixty.

She’s 65, I’m 12

It helps confirm time is limited. It raises questions of how one has used the time available and the new challenge is to live each moment fully (if we haven’t been already).

For some it might be fulfilling wishes, completing the bucket list while for others it’s reflection and for all of us, more learning.

For the wisest and where they see its possibility it’s about joy, contentment and happiness.

Being kind, creating gentle ripples.

Leaving positive impact

It’s about living life to the full, being attentive and with as much presence as we can muster.

I realise I’ve entered this last leg, as is often the case with me, things get thrown up in the air and I work out what’s feasible, desirable for the next version/iteration.

I’ve been careful not to rush it as the trauma of losing MAnjula has jumbled up my brain cells and bent the connections to create more than the usual fuzz of uncertainty.

For the next two years I plan to continue commemorating MAnjula but I know she would want me to find ways to be happy and that will involve reconnecting and being kind. It will not necessarily be like before and I hope it’s innovative. Who knows? I’ll adapt and find out what works in this new and final stage.

This was written at the end of 2021 and complemented previous postings including the one about ‘opening up my heart.’ Bit of a coincidence there. 🤭

Two significant changes have recently taken place to challenge me further and throw some light on opportunities to help fill space around my grief, recognising it will always be with me and hopefully diminish the impact of the grieving.

It’s related to People, health and meaning…

More later…..

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