Yoga challenges.

The old man went to yoga at 6.30 am on Wednesday only to discover start time had shifted to 6.00am


He went out today, saturday, up early at 5.00 so as not to mess up.

“I’m sitting in the yoga room all on my own, by 6.00 at 6.30 the receptionist comes in to say there no yoga as there’s a curfew. “

Double Doh

Back at home SB has already arrived due to the curfew and reminded me that we’d discussed it yesterday.

I give in, my idiocy evolves to decrepitude.

So why was the gym open?

Life is so confusing.

4 thoughts on “Yoga challenges.

  1. Lovely to catch up on all the activity going on with Manjula’s garden recently! It’s looking like a mini botanical garden! I think a foliage garden with different shapes of leaves and forms of plants is just as beautiful as a flower garden in the end, especially with all the exotic varieties you can grow there ❤ Looking forward to experiencing it from a Manjula bench with a cup of Whiskey Galore coffee and you and Lucie 😊❤❤

    • Great to hear from you and realise you’re keeping in touch and all is well. I expect you’re still busy. Look forward to that catch up. S x

    • I’m downstairs reading about gnomes. Just half an hour ago there was a loud rasping sound. a dragonfly buzzing at the window so I let it out. How do these messengers even get in?

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