Dogs looking like their owner!

I beg to differ.

Behaving like them now that’s another matter.

Lucie is increasingly impatient and frustrated while waiting for me to find my specs, mask, hat, her lead and then all jobs that meed to be done before we get out of the door onto a walk….. four times a day. I can feel her telepathic shouting AT LAST when we do eventually: ‘leave the premises.’

But I noticed today it’s catching. She stopped at the top of the stairs and before descending looked through the doorway into the library and then to me as if to say ‘have you checked the balcony door is closed?’

Just as Manjula would insist to stop the monkeys getting in.

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    • She’s on a strict diet and annoyed I won’t let her eat any old rubbish in the street. I’m currently writing our story so re-reading some reviews and guest book comments emphasising what a lovely character she is.

  1. Ah. That’s good to hear 🙂

    My buddy, Hunter, recently went through rehab as his kidneys were failing (his creatinine levels were quite high). He’s made good recovery and he’s been put on a renal diet too. He sure does miss the good food he’s been accustomed to.

    • Great to hear he’s improved. Lucie is so used to there only being me here (before the pandemic the homestay was busy) she’s very demanding. On a group video call today she was racing around barking for attention.

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