Thai massage

made me lighter. No not in weight, let’s not go there.

Usha, in the middle here, kindly invited me for a Thai Massage as guinea pig as she’s currently training here in Mysore.
I’m over-dressed as I’m about to bike it back home.

Ragu and his team can be found here

Open Mic

An open mic event at Dreamers Cafe in Mysore great young audience entertained with poetry, singing, guitar, flute, jokes and storytelling.

His notes are on his hand. Who knows what’s on the smart Phone.

My very first appearance at an open mic.

The cafe has double decker seating.

Lucie and I are missing the people. The busy household, constant comings and going’s, the jokes, the kindness and our queen.

This helps replace some of the missing energy. Great evening, wonderful people, well organised.

Magnanimous MAnjula

It’s one of those wishing differently days so great to announce more of Manjula’s gifts.

Divya on her new bicycle.
Niece of the night watchman Malesh who we know from ten years ago when he was night watchman for the building site next door to our house.
Sowbhagya helping me deliver the bicycle.

Manjula gave gifts to Divya, Naveen, Tanuja and Jossica.

Naveen and Sowbhagya.
Tanuja, Keerthi and Jossica

Sad and Sorry

Driving on a double road this morning a ten month old bullock stepped into the path of my Ambassador

A group quickly developed, as is usual in India.

Satish came to handle the situation. Compensating the owner with 4000 Rs (£40) in theory for the poor bullock’s leg to be fixed up and he to be taken to the old cow’s home.

But I wonder if the owner will just pocket the money and sell the poor bullock to become meat even thought just recently that became illegal.

I’m really sad and sorry.