Searching for Cinderella

Well I’m not Prince Charming, far from it, but I did find my Cinderella.

She’s left me with another challenge…. as if there aren’t enough already …. it’s to find someone with small feet who might be interested in her shoes.

Here is Manjula, the lovable, modelling a seriously famous designer pair of shoes that were never worn outdoors.

There’s quite a selection, so please pass on the information and let me know. The biggest challenge is they are sizes three and three and a half, so very small.

Sandals and the middle one is Birkenstock
Snazzy ones, outdoor wet ones and Ecco

Manjula was of course a strong woman with teeny feet.

Teva Sandals

This wonderful woman had style, flexibility for different circumstances and an eye for the brands.

Two classy pairs.

All the famous brands we brought from Europe.

Please message or email me if you think they might fit and you wish to try on.

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