Storytime five

When the lovely Poppy my granddaughter was born I arrived one day with a boxful of picture books from when her father Ben and uncle Oll had been children.

Today’s stories are two from that collection by two of my favourite author/illustrators Michael Foreman and Anthony Brown.

I also like the books as they introduce issues that are important, whatever our age.

The first is dinosaurs and all that rubbish by Michael Foreman

The second is a walk in the park by Anthony Brown

2 thoughts on “Storytime five

  1. Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish is still one of my favourite books and probably explains why I studies geology and become and water conservation engineer. It’s odd how early one can be molded!

    • That’s a cool link Stuart. Love it. I like all Foreman’s which get me thinking and hopefully subliminally affect the kids. Hope you’re both well. The lockdown is giving time and impetus to do some writing. Our story will still take ages.

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