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  1. Did you know what she meant? What kind of upside … is that the same as saying I can’t see the upside of a dream? I don’t get her comment Ex

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    • Her book is about the year after her husband died. She’s referring talking to a doctor friend. He thought she meant there was no light at the end of the tunnel as she’s known to see the positive side of things. She says he’s wrong she can’t see any positives of the situation. She’d talk about vortex. Being brought down by being somewhere she remembered being with her husband. I call it being bushwhacked.

    • Now I’ve just been bushwhacked friends came round with sweets to commemorate their 14th wedding anniversary. Tears. We’ll never see but also makes me think we didn’t do anything proper on our anniversary just before she died. It’s sort of constant shitiness.

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