Magic roundabout again

It has occurred to me that there could’ve been a third roundabout or Merry-go-round. That wouldn’t have been as merry.

If we hadn’t met, spotted her illness when we did and had our resources available Manjula would almost certainly have died a year ago maybe sooner. She would have suffered much much more.

She might have continued as a maid, tying flowers at night, paying off her previous husbands debts, living in a one room house and not feeling as happy and fulfilled, as I know she did.

I had never ever expected to work with my partner. It was however amazing. We were a great team (including Lucie), complemented each other admirably, created a wonderful open welcoming place with a super life which, of course, was fun not work!

That would never have happened if we hadn’t met.

We got married, went on holidays, established a world wide family of friends, Manjula learned English (and unfortunately English humour), showed her wit and intelligence, grew into her new role and blossomed.

Non of this would have happened if we’d not met.

I’m slowly learning to accept and acknowledge what is and to be somewhat grateful for what we had.

Her place in my heart makes me moistly smile.

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