Things need doing…

Tom Amy and I are doing focussed practical things. Backing up the Digital photos and giving the kitchen a thorough clean. Well actually it mainly Tom and Amy.

I’ve just been sent to close the balcony door. Manjula would always tell me that the troup of monkeys would come on a weekend and usually a Sunday so the doors shouldn’t be left open. The last thing is we don’t want the monkeys playing on the computer.

Well I don’t need to close it. Luci is on guard.

But looking closer

I see the sadness in her eyes. She’s missing Manjula, so we have big cuddle and talk of her.

It’s wonderful that Tom and Amy are here. It would be impossible for Luci and I being here on our own.

Tom has music playing and incense sticks burning but there is an unmistakable presence.

The smiles, the laughter, her giggles, tolerance of me and my idiotic ways. She’s with us now tut tutting at how we’re doing the cleaning and wishing she was here to do a proper job.

Manjula is in the air and in our hearts. It’s really quite good.

2 thoughts on “Things need doing…

  1. Told you she’d be everywhere as well as in your heart ❤❤ It is some comfort, the palpable presence, and it doesn’t go away. Poor Luci, it’s so very obvious she’s sad. It looks like Tom and Amy are angels, so kind and wonderful of them to take some of the burden for you now. 🙏❤❤

    • So true. I’ve decided to keep Manjula’s Bed and Breakfast going. It’s actually called mysore BnB but our web site which covers everything we do often get people to think it’s Manjulas BnB.. well it is…. her presence, in the air we breath is Manjula’s impact is everywhere. I need to ensure Luci is happy and supported especially when I go away. I continue to be lucky and I had such an amazing life with Manjula love stephen. X

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