Open defecation

Going to the toilet is a regular discussion topic at Mysore Bed and Breakfast and on our MYCycle Tours. We’ve covered many related subjects: the benefits of squat toilets, the use of the water and left hand/right hand etiquette.

It’s one of a traveller’s preoccupations 😉

On our Srirangaptnam MYCycle Tour we visit an old small village. It provides invaluable insights into India, it’s traditions, contemporary life and challenges the community faces.

One aspect we cover is the growing number of toilets in the village, built through the support of the Government. A massive public health and social problem in India is the millions of people, predominantly in rural areas choosing to defecate in the open, that’s maybe in a field, by railway tracks, on beaches, down lanes, at the edge of the village . So it’s important to tackle it to help reduce illness and improve children’s health and development.

But the cash to help build toilets only tackles one part of the problem. In many places they are poorly located, maybe used just as a bathroom, for storage or completely neglected. Changing the mindset, getting people to understand and incentivise them to actually use the toilets is a whole other challenge.

This video helps highlight this problem and the work to understand and tackle it!

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