The lost king and queen

Once upon a time. Travellers from the north of India visited Mysore. They had an ambassador and a divan. 😉

The twits left behind their beautiful king and queen who became sad, lonely and dejected.


They had each other but were used to living in a welcoming home, bursting with life, with lots of fairs including quite cool

Carousels, let alone that they had lots of friends (ok some were subjects, but they seem very liberal and easy going monarchs). Maybe there is another side to the story as they were left behind!



Then a joker (no not from a playing card) from a far away land happened upon them.

He was in Brexile.


He fell in love with the couple and was saddened by their state. They were lonely without their people, a bit battered from their experiences, dejected and frankly a bit tarnished.

So he developed a cunning plan.

They were languishing in the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya and the ransom for their release is hefty. So the cunning plan isn’t very cunning at all, as it’s a question of haggling. Unfortunately the joker is from England (there are a lot of jokers there) and they’re crap at negotiating. So we’ll just have to see.

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